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Meetings through internet, meetings in the internet

Perhaps everybody was in such situation : you are going along the street and a girl is smiling to you. So you come to this girl and want to have a date, moreover, she is pretty.. new meeting is always interesting. And what happens more often to us, users of the internet, that we spend several hours at the computer sending offers for new meetings. And we wait for answer impatiently. It doesn’t matter where it is – ICQ, Skype, chat or internet dating site. Everybody is anxious to meet a person in life who you liked, intrigued you by special manner of writing, plus sometimes it’s possible to get a picture. And if you are lucky and the picture will belong to the person you’re corresponding with, then stunned by his appearance and such deep inner world, you decide to have next step and offer him to meet. Interesting communication and meeting in the internet grow into the wish to do the same but in real life. Of course he agrees. Then you two living in the same city but whose meetings has begun through internet set up a comfortable place for meeting: at the entrance of the park, or maybe near the stadium before the game of your favorite football team or near the third birch-tree at the right side of the alley that comes to the movies; in general, it’s your affair. The same is with the time of the meeting. So, when everything is settled, you with fast pulse are sitting at the mirror, doing make-up, combing your hair hoping that meeting through the internet will bring you to your second half! As a real lady you allow yourself to be late though thinking about an excuse . so this is a cherished place set up through internet and there is some man near it. You come and meetings begins again..

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But in real life everything can go another way not like through internet. Don’t forget that meetings through internet is always communicating with a mask. It’s always easy to speak to someone who doesn’t see you and even maybe won’t have such possibility. That’s why meetings through internet go easier than in real life. Let’s remember about such common windows in the internet for messages ( through them a meeting begins) which mean dialogues. In real life we can keep silent going with a person, and still it’s communication which is unusual for users when meeting in the internet. So, if things are going well, how to understand if your partner wants to continue your acquaintance with a purpose of further intimacy? The first sign of disappointment at the meetings when someone says cheerless:” you don’t look like your picture”. This phrase can have two subtexts. On the one hand, he or she is not pleased with a new meeting. On the other hand, in real life a person can look more attractive then in the picture sent by the internet, and if he is a real gentleman, he will say for sure: ‘ You are much prettier!” Ask a man which part of the city he lives in. and if he names the furthest, the darkest part of the city, pointing out the problems with transport – everything is clear: new meeting through internet doesn’t succeed, he is not going to see you off, and that means he won’t spend a spare hour with you. But if he says that it doesn’t matter for him and he will go home on foot as the hero from old song, then you should hope! Such meeting can have continuation and the time spent through the internet was not a waste.

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Don’t be upset if he came without flowers. Modern youth is far from romance and even doesn’t think about flowers for the meeting. But to prompt him what to do is your task! One more symptom of disappointment of two people whose acquaintance was through internet is a sudden silence. It seems silence isn’t characteristic of that chatterbox you communicated through internet a day ago. But you shouldn’t be mistaken here by paying attention to positive qualities of a person as shyness and modesty. In general, irrespective of where your first meeting took pace – in the internet or in the street, a man at the first date should be the initiator. If he doesn’t know where to go, then he is a foreigner or he is not interested in further communication! Everybody doesn’t like to communicate with a person without any goal or indifferent to life events. And this is one more sign of displeasure and not being interested in sharing his plans for future 100 years! A bright example of indifference at the meeting after acquaintance in the internet is boredom and indifference to you. A phone call to his friend and finding out what he’s doing tonight, if he ash a wish to drink beer. This talk can last till you take him to the street, then to the taxi and wave your hand and he will be glad. A person who is interested in you, turn off the mobile phone at the first call and says an apology. He would like to prolong a meeting an find out more details about you, your life. Remember that fact that if you quarreled with your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to forget about it and begin a new life, don’t speak about your feelings and worries at the first meeting. Meetings assumes a story about some facts from your life, but you shouldn’t speak about recent separation through the internet or in reality, of course if you are not asked to. And moreover don’t compare your previous partner with a person who is next to you. All people are unique! And you can’t compare them by the same criteria! Perhaps at the meting through internet communication was much easier but if you don’t have what to talk about, discussion of your former partner is not the best theme! If it happens at your first date, please think about it! And when he doesn’t ask for your phone number taking you to the taxi , everything is clear : it’s the end of your meeting. Look for another partner! Don’t give up! By the way, you should be awarded! Not everyone will bare several hours of walk with a shy nihilist or awful skeptic, a true realist without belief in a miracle. At least once you have to get through such acquaintance if the beginning of it was through the internet. Girls, don’t forget though your talkativeness is caused physiologically ( you have the centre of speech with the area three times bigger than men have), excessive garrulity sometimes makes people crazy! Please think over what to say at the first date, and what to say next. One more piece of advice through internet. Going to the blind date, not having a picture, try not to build images of a person you will meet. As often there are disappointments in real life because you already have some ideal for yourself. We are striving for perfection but won’t be perfect for anyone.
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