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Are you looking for some Online dating tips? If you are dating for the first time it's quite understandable that you are nervous. Dating is fun for most boys and girls. But it has certain limitations and norms, which should be followed. This makes it very much important that you choose the best online dating site. We are a safe place for online dating both on and off line. We have provided you with some useful online dating tips, which will help you to ensure safe dating.

Avoid giving Personal details
You have to make yourself very clear with this point. Do not expose your personal details such as your name, address, where you work, telephone number or any other personal information to your online friend. Do not disclose any personal information at the time of setting your email account.

Take your time
Do not haste in taking a decision. Try to understand the online person thoroughly over the Internet. Collect as much information you can about the person. You can keep all your old emails and later compare the information when they meet you. Do not easily believe the person until and unless you know him perfectly.

Start with a Phone Call
Do not meet the person immediately after couple of online chats. You can always start with a phone call. Start by using a public phone call. Do not disclose your residential number as long as you are comfortable with the person. If you disclose your telephone number it will be easy for the person to even find your address. If you still intend giving your number, give the person your mobile number.

Meet in a Public place
If you decide to go on a date make sure you meet in a public place. It would always be advisable to take one of your friends for a couple of times to ensure if everything is safe. If you do not take your friend it would be advisable to tell someone where you are going and when will you be coming back. Do not allow the person to drop you home, as this will reveal him your address.

Follow your Instincts
If you are not comfortable with the person on your first date, avoid going for a second date. Do not just force yourself because the person is good looking. Remember there might be someone just waiting at the door.

Report any Attacks
Report any attacks or thefts to the police. You can also complaint the responsible dating site about the problem. Remember if you shy off from the incident, this might happen to someone else.


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