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Looking for some safe online dating ideas? You are at the right place to narrow your search. Going for a movie, dinner, dance club would probably be the most common ideas for a date. Do you want to try on something different, check the following information to find the answer.

Educational Dating Ideas
If you and your partner like to be informative about everything then you should try on an educational date. There are different types of educational dates:

  • Going to a Musuem
  • Visiting historical places
  • Having a walking tour
  • Visit to a Public Garden
  • Visit to a Zoo
  • Taking a class together

Party Dating Ideas
If you and your partner like to go for parties you can try on a party date. The date would become more interseting if you invite couple of friends for the party.

  • Having a pizza party
  • Dance Party
  • Cook out Party
  • Sundae Party
  • Ice-cream Party
  • Progressive dinner
  • Party Video Party

Athletics Dating Ideas
If you and your partner are a lot into athletics then why not try for an athletic date. Athletics dates are quite interesting try to enjoy it rather than taking it as a competition.

  • Bike riding
  • Hiking and natural walks
  • Horse back riding
  • Water skiing
  • Game of Tennis
  • Going to Gym regularly
  • Roller blading Ice skating
  • Bowling

Charitable Dating Ideas
Are you and your partner a lot into charity? Why not try for a charitable date.
  • Go for a charitable dinner together
  • Volunteer for fund raising events
  • Go for a charity walk together
  • Have habitat for humanity

Relaxed Dating Ideas
If you and your partner are caught up in busy work schedules all week round, going for a relaxed date would be a great relief.

  • Visit a Park
  • Go for a movie
  • Plan to go for a picnic with a group of friends
  • Play a game of billiards
  • Walk down the beach
  • You can also go for shopping together

Day-Long Dating Ideas
If you and your partner are interested in spending a day together you can go for a day long date.

  • Go for some day trip
  • Have a boat ride
  • Visit amusement parks
  • Have a ball game


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