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Welcome to our section on free online dating advice. Is this your first date? Well I am sure you will be haunted by numerous questions. Where should I go on my first date? What should I do on my first date? We are here to help you to answer all these questions. All you have to do is sit down and relax and have a look at our dating advice.

Where to go on a date?
Are you worried as to where you should go on your first date? There are many places where you can go for a date. You can go to a coffee shop, have a dinner or go for movie. Choose an open place where there are lots of people around.

You can also look out for our section on Free dating Ideas. If you want to try something different on your first date. Here you will find different tips to go for an educational date, day-long date, relaxed date, party date, charitable date, athletic date and lots more.

What should you do on your first date?
Going on a first date is definitely a beautiful experience. People tend to be a lot nervous on their first date. Once you go out for a couple of dates you will become more and more comfortable. Its is very important that you be on time on your first date. The best way to start the conversation is by complementing your date about something he/she is wearing. Prepare yourself with a set of questions you would like to ask your date. Choose activities, which has enough scope for conversation. Avoid asking any unnecessary questions and make the person feel comfortable. Try and maintain your eye contact and make your date feel like a star.

Things you need to avoid on your first date You need to read this one if you are going on your first date.

  • Avoid speaking of your ex's as much as you can. You need to keep all your ex's out of your mind.
  • Do not receive phone calls at the time of your firts date. The best way to avoid it is by switching off your mobile phone. If you go on receiving calls your date might feel uncomfortable.

Ways to Overcome Breakup
There are times when you feel your relation is not blooming. This is time when you might consider a breakup. It is quite possible that you might feel a bit restless and out of place after your breakup. We have offered you certain tips as to how you can overcome your breakup.

  • If you feel that a relationship is not working end it there itself. Listen to your instincts as to what is right for you. Do not just carry a relationship waiting for it to bloom some day or the other. Always remember the more you dig yourself into a relationship the more difficulty you will have to forget it.
  • You can write down all the aspects of that relationship on a piece of paper. Writing down can release a lot of pain from your heart.
  • Try to be amongst people. Spend time with your old friends this will help you to refresh yourself and get on with your life. You can also pass your time by watching television or by listening to music.
  • You can use your spare time in doing something interesting. Do things, which interest you. Do not keep yourself lonely for a long time.


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