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The opposite, poor hygiene, is often an immediate disruption factor. Believe it or not, clean hair, with a pleasant smell, is a very positive point.

Let her know that you are interested, but invoke a sense of mystery. If you are in a club, for example, smile at her without approaching her.

Approach her once, shake her up, and then say that she’ll be back. This act will establish your existence in a way that makes you a little curious about yourself. Curiosity arouses interest, which leads to other feelings!

Avoid physical contact. Do not touch her in an intimate way, after all, she needs to have her own respected space.

Instead of trying to touch it, try to get to know it. Use this opportunity to understand her and see who she is. Discover your interests and hobbies. Talking about it will end up being more engaging than trying to play a straightforward and obvious flirtatious game.

If you followed the steps correctly, she will be interested. Your top priority should be to act independently, but still be attracted! Do not dismiss it completely. You want her to know that you are still in the mood, but that, in a way, you are not letting the desire get the best of you.

It is no use pretending to be who you are not. For example: you may think that the pumped and mean type is the perfect type to win over a woman, but that is not true, and besides, lying a behavior can make you uncomfortable and unreliable.

If you lie your personality, you risk being discovered and, moreover, you risk looking like an asshole. So, be authentic.

Seriously, listen to her. Give your full attention to listening to it. Make sure she knows that you are listening and paying attention to her as she speaks, even if it sounds like the most mundane and boring thing to you, because it can be extremely important to her.

Girls often feel that guys don’t listen to them. So: be different and really care.

Therefore, asking questions is a fundamental step. Listen to what she has to say (as we talked about earlier) and, during the conversation, ask questions about what she is talking about – this will show that you are really listening to what she is talking about and, in addition, you are interested in her story or in your opinion.

Friendship is the best foundation of a relationship. Through a genuine friendship, you can let the girl you like know who you really are “without pressure” and vice versa. It may be a slower process, but it is more solid than starting with a date right away.

If you are in an environment outside the club, or if you stayed with the girl or met the girl at a party and then continued contact with her, this tip is very important.

The most common mistake that guys make is becoming best friends with a girl they really like, and then trying to turn the relationship into a romantic one.

Trying to turn a Platonic relationship into a romantic romance is completely quixotic; it only happens in movies. Let her know from the start that you think of her as a girl to date.

Remember: it is important to start a relationship with friendship, but be careful not to be “too friendly”.

Let her know from the start that you think of her as an affective interest, not a sister.

This means that when she starts talking to you looking for tips on some other “cute guy” who is watching her, you should say something like, “Sorry, I’m not going to argue about other guys with you.”

But even when you are sure that she is the ideal girl for you, never reveal it in the first few days.

Going too fast will only scare her, especially if she’s not interested in something serious. Drop subtle hints that you are interested in a relationship and leave it in your subconscious.

Men are good at making girls feel special during the conquest, but once it starts rolling and the first kisses have already happened, they change.

When a girl realizes that you’ve changed, she’ll probably want to get away. Therefore, make sure that you remain sweet and affectionate with your girl throughout your relationship.

The most effective way to encourage a woman to open up to you about her life is to share small intimate details about your own life with her. This will make her feel confident and special.

Share her ambitions with her, although it is important to be careful not to look too proud, more internal fears, childhood memories and weaknesses.

Also remember to tell her about your most embarrassing moments when instilling humor. Being able to laugh at your own embarrassing moments conveys confidence.

Avoid bragging about what your family members have achieved, flashy cars and their possessions. This may impress some opportunistic girls, but a woman who makes her own money does not fall in love with it.

She’s interested in knowing who you are

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